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Senin, 21 November 2011

Dr.Web CureIt! Portable (26.10.2011)

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Windows Software | Dr.Web CureIt! Portable (26.10.2011) | 76,06 MB

Dr.Web ® CureIt! - Is a free anti-virus utility on the basis of the scanner Dr.Web ®, which quickly and effectively scan and disinfect if necessary your computer. The program does not require installation, does not conflict with any antivirus software, which means that at the time of scanning did not want to disable antivirus installed another vendor. Dr.Web CureIt! treats that is not subject to other anti-virus!

Dr.Web ® CureIt! ® Contains the latest set of additions to the virus database Dr.Web ®.

C using Dr.Web CureIt! You can often control the efficiency of currently installed on your PC virus and fit seem to be aware of whether it is time it is just like a change in the Dr.Web.

• Dr.Web CureIt! Installation does not ask, do not conflict with any antivirus software, which means that at the time of scanning does not need to disable antivirus installed another vendor.

• Dr.Web CureIt! has unbeatable, as we used to say, self-defense and, like almost all expressed, enhanced mode for running anti-blocker Windows.

• Dr.Web CureIt! automaton depicts the language of the OS (in the case, if the local language is not supported, set the British version). It is also extremely hunting highlight the fact that the current utility supports 34 languages to follow.

How do I use Dr.Web CureIt!?

Download Dr.Web CureIt!, Run the utility in the dialog box, click the "Start". Confirm the launch checks and wait for the results of scanning memory and startup files. If you want to scan all or some of the drives on your computer, select full or spot checks (in the latter case, select the required items to check) and click on "Start Scan" at the right edge of the scanner.

When you scan the infected files will be cured, but the incurable - moved to quarantine. When the scan is still available and the report file itself quarantine.

Dr.Web CureIt! detects and removes

• worms

• Network Worms
• File viruses
• Trojans
• Stealth viruses
• Polymorphic viruses
• bodiless viruses
• Macro viruses
• Viruses infecting documents MS Office
• Script Viruses
• Spyware (Spyware)
• Programs, Password stealers
• dialer
• Adware (Adware)
• Potentially dangerous software
• Hacking tools
• Software-hatches
• Joke programs
• Malicious scripts
• Other malware

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